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Lock Alarm

Secure anything, anywhere!

The Lock Alarm is an innovative, portable device suitable for securing virtually any large items from theft. The Lock/Alarm has an ear piercing siren that will scare away potential thieves. When an attempt is made to cut through its ultra hard steel cable, or attack the main lock unit, the alarm starts screaming!

Compact and simple to use, the Lock Alarm can provide 24 hour protection for valuables left unattended outside or stored in a shed, garage or outbuilding. It is ideal for when you are on the move for securing equipment whilst in transit on vehicle roof racks, in the back of trucks or on trailers.

Suitable for use in all weathers and environments the Lock Alarm can be used freestanding or anchored to a wall, post, side of an RV/caravan, or fixed directly onto bicycles or machinery using the brackets supplied.

The Lock Alarm weighs just 0.5kg (1.1lbs) and is available in various cable lengths. When not in use the plastic coated cable winds neatly around the main unit and clamps tight. It requires a high quality 9 volt battery which fits inside a tamper-proof internal compartment and which will last for many months of use.

Ideal to secure: Bicycles, boats, camping & RV/caravan equipment, garden furniture, lawnmowers, motorbikes, power tools, sports gear and trailers. In fact you name it, Lock/Alarm will secure it!

Lock Alarm

Lock Alarm

Lock Alarm
Lock Alarm's unique design includes:
  • Attack resistant outer casing
  • Inner steel chassis
  • Hardened steel lock
  • Cable stores around unit when not in use
  • 120 decibel siren
  • Cut & saw resistant steel cable (PVC coated)
  • Compact 14cm x 7.5cm x 5cm (approx. 5.5" x 3" x 2")
  • Portable - use freestanding or anchored to a wall, post or directly onto equipment (using brackets included)
  • Indoor & Outdoor use, and in all weathers
  • Two cable lenghts available - 2.4m / 8ft and 4.6m / 15ft
For further information, please visit the Damaco Product FAQs and Troubleshooting Information Page

Lock Alarm

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Lock Alarm (2.4 meters / 8 ft)
Lock Alarm 2.4m/8ft
Secure anything anywhere
$ 66.00 each
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Lock Alarm (4.6 meters / 15 ft)
Lock Alarm 4.6m/15ft
Secure anything anywhere
$ 88.00 each
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